TOI’s mission is to give everyone the tools to bring their Things Onto the Internet.


  • TOI Shield
    A plug and play Arduino and Sparkcore shield for smartifiying your objects giving them the capability to feel the environment and interact with people. TOI Shield makes your objects ready for the Internet of Things revolution.

    Read more about it!

  • TOI Viper – Viper Is Python Embedded in Real-time

    A smart and easy to use developing suite aimed at providing creatives, designers and artists a powerful environment for programming in Python embedded devices like Arduino DUE, UDOO, SparkCore, and similar microcontroller boards. Read more about it!

  • TOI Blocks (under development)

    A web-based multi-threads visual programming language for Arduino and Sparkcore that generates Python code.

BESOS ha collaborato alla realizzazione di TOI Shield.